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Traditional advertising, meet mobile marketing.

Get Attention.

You spend time and money perfecting your message and getting it out through broadcast spots and advertising. Yet there is no good way for your audience to act on your message. In a world where people are increasingly inundated with ads and information, you have to do something different. By embedding AudioTag’s signaling technology into your messaging efforts, you can now deliver ads, info and offers directly to users mobile devices from any audio speaker. Through TV, radio, online or offline venues, our signals allow you to get peoples attention.


Engage Users.

Once you’ve got their attention, AudioTag can help you to deliver more information to help them make a decision to accept your invitation or offer. We can deliver more content, a video, a form – whatever web technologies can support. We’ll track these interactions to help you gain a better understanding of how your customers are engaging with you. This is where you want to give users a clear call to action when it matters most – right now!


Whether your “conversion” is to drive sales and revenue, or to get people to sign up for a newsletter, contest or sweepstakes, AudioTag gives you the ability to drive results that matter. It’s both disruptive from traditional marketing models, and powerful because your getting attention, engaging with info that supports a decision, and helping your audience to convert a decision into action when interest is highest. Give it a try now.


Coming Soon!