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Bringing interactivity and tracking to broadcast media.

What’s AudioTag?

Quite simply, the AudioTag platform allows you to get instant information from multiple sources anywhere you see the AudioTag logo or hear the AudioTag chime. Just hit the app on the phone and watch as details, offers, coupons, or special purchase instructions all get downloaded into your AudioTag inbox. Examine the details on your phone, forward them to your PC for viewing later, or share them on your social networks. Your information, when you want it. AudioTag.

How it works

Sound Goes Out. Log into our page and customize your message, then simply include the signal in your broadcast. If your company already has a mobile app, embed our decoder into your existing app with our APIs. Its that simple.

We Listen. Our decoding engine, whether in our stand-alone app or embedded into your company app, processes the signal and adds the relevant campaign to the AudioTag Inbox.

You Convert. By clicking the campaign link now in their inbox, users will be redirected to your selected landing page. The AudioTag App also allows them to share with friends, or forward to their email for later, all in one easy-to-use interface.

Get it now.

The AudioTag app is now in the Apple App store with Android on its way. Click the link below to get the app from iTunes or search directly from your iPhone.

Coming Soon!